1700-LETRUCKPRO Booster


Pinge: 12-24V
Kirjeldus: Start booster for true professionals! Trolley type with telescopic handle. Two powerful batteries ensure the best effectivity to start light and commercial vehicles. Safe and clear voltage selection (12/24V) with rotating switch and digital volt meter with good readability. Long 50mm² cables w. high quality TEK HD clamps. Reverse polarity alarm, changeable safety fuse
Kirjeldus: 12V 6200A (peak) / 24V 3100A (peak), batteries 2x25Ah, package also incl. SMART CHARGER LEM1270: 12V – 7A, suitable for WET – MF – GEL – AGM – Ca-Ca batteries, chargeing: 14-150Ah, maintenance max 225Ah, IP65, ADAPTER FOR CAR CHARGING (LESA1) w. cigarettelighter plug

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    Mõõtmed 64 × 30 × 30 cm