Powertec Xenon Blue W5W T10 5W 12V 2tk


PowerTec W5W T10 12V 5W WEGDE Blue

A characteristic feature of the PowerTec Xenon Blue series is an unique blue xenon light effect.
Perfect for drivers who appreciate safety and style.
A high quality product, shockproof, long lifespan, resistant to temperature variations, made of tempered quartz glass with UV filter which protects the bulb from taking damage and a stainless steel base.

– Blue xenon light effect,
– Perfectly tuned focal length,
– Solid filament ,
– Noble gas blend,
– UV filter,
– Tempered quartz glass,
– Stainless steel base,
– Elegant DUO packaging.

Base: W5W
Socket: T10
Wattage: 5W
Voltage: 12V

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Kaal 2 kg
Mõõtmed 5 × 5 × 5 cm